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Oil and Gas Podcast: New Media Has Entered the Oilfield

The oil and gas industry is fundamentally changing the way it does business. The sales and marketing tactics that used to generate the majority of revenue don't work the way they used to.

The methods that used to be the primary ways oilfield professionals shared information and learned about new technology don't have the same draw they once did. Oil and gas industry publications are seeing their readership decline while oilfield conference attendance is also down.

So where are oilfield professionals getting their information?

Where are oilfield professionals getting their information?

Generally speaking, they are getting their information online.

More specifically, they are using Google, YouTube and podcasts to find out about new technology and ways to solve their business problems. We refer to these resources as "new media." Some companies dive deeper into this type of technology than others, of course.

While new media has been around for a relatively long time, oil and gas companies have been slow to integrate them into their business practices. There is still a surprising number of oilfield businesses that don't even have a website, let alone content on YouTube or social media platforms.

While any business can operate completely "unplugged" in the digital sense, we assume that if you're reading this article, that is not you or your business. If you operate online and get at least some of your information from new media sources, what are the best sources of information you can access with a minimal time commitment?

Busy oil and gas professional, meet oil and gas podcasts. Podcasts focused on the oil and gas industry offer a wealth of information about topics specific to the oilfield.

Oil and Gas This Week

The Oil and Gas This Week podcast lets you hear about the most important industry events that happened over the past week with valuable insights from one of the oil and gas industry's leading experts, Mark LaCour.

Oil and Gas This Week is the go-to oil and gas industry podcast. It has one of the largest listening audiences in the oil and gas industry. Houston-based Oil and Gas This Week takes up local and broad news and stories from around Houston, Texas, the United States and the rest of the world. Each episode focuses on a domestic or international topic that affects the oilfield. Oil and Gas This Week dives into the economic, political and events that shape the modern oil and gas industry.

If you're listening to any Texas oil and gas podcast, this is the premier source for all of your news, especially if you're looking into what other oil and gas professionals are talking about.

Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

The Oil and Gas HSE podcast shares industry best practices, new technology and innovative solutions your business can put into practice as soon as you listen to an episode.

As the name suggests, the Oil and Gas HSE Podcast has a more narrow focus than the Oil Gas This Week podcast. This podcast is dedicated to helping the oilfield keep its people, property and the environment safe by discussing what other businesses are doing and what works for them.

While the Oil and Gas HSE podcast often highlights the products and services its guests offer, it is designed to give the audience actionable steps to make their work safer. Topics range from improving business processes, improving risk management preparedness, and showcasing new technology that is helping keep the industry safe.

The Oil and Gas HSE podcast is also a Texas-based oil and gas podcast, but guests join us from around the world to share their knowledge and expertise.

Oil and Gas Industry Leaders Podcast

The Oil and Gas Industry Leaders podcast is a show centered on telling the personal stories of some of the most successful oil and gas professionals in the industry. What better way to learn how to be successful in the oil and gas industry than hearing from the men and women who blazed a trail to the top of their respective sector?

If you want to know how to navigate your career in the oil and gas industry, this is the oil and gas podcast to listen to and share with your network.

Also a Texas oil and gas podcast, Oil and Gas Industry Leaders talks with C-suite executives from every sector of the oil and gas industry from every corner of the globe.

The Changing Landscape of Oil and Gas Information

The way people get their information about the oil and gas industry has fundamentally changed. Oil and gas podcasts, along with other forms of new media, provide valuable content for a market that's hungry for ways to improve business and operational efficiencies.

At the epicenter of the dynamic oil and gas landscape, you will find Texas oil and gas podcasts and the people striving to share the stories that will help move our industry into the next phase of its evolution.

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