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Easy Marketing Content: Getting Your Clients to Create Content

easy marketing content
I can relate to your love for creating digital marketing content. Believe me, sometimes there are just more important things that need my attention. But what if you didn't have to create the content yourself?

Your clients are a valuable resource for more than just the revenue they generate for your business. There are several ways they can help you create content – a few ways let them do all the heavy lifting for you. If that doesn't sound very hospitable, let me share some compelling reasons your clients will want to create your content.

They get credit for the content.

I mean this in several ways. If your clients understand the benefits of inbound marking, they might want to create the content on their own for nothing more than a backlink to their blog, product or service offering.

Oilfield companies with savvy digital marketing groups understand the benefits of guest posts from companies in their market sector. Just like you guest post on other sites, they want to post on high-value sites as well.

Beyond the search engine benefit from guest posting, your clients also get exposure to your audience and credit adding value to the market. Adding value is the easiest way to generate leads in any industry. If your client base crosses over into your client's, it could be a win-win.

They get their specific questions answered.

Asking your existing clients about their challenges or pain points gives you a reliable source of valuable content, and it gives  your clients answers to their specific questions.

If you treat the information-gathering discussion like a mini-consulting session rather than just interviewing your clients, they get a tremendous amount of value while you get insights into your market's current struggles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages are often overlooked, but they can be a valuable resource to your audience. Most businesses use this format to explain their product or service, but you can provide a lot of value by creating a FAQ page dedicated to a specific topic related to your industry.

On a side note, if you think you know what your customers want, how they are using your product or what problems need to be solved, but you aren't asking them directly, you are in for an eye-opening amount of information. Many a great company has gone out of business assuming they know better than their customers.

They get a little bit of internet fame. 

If the content you get your client to create is a video, they get a little taste of celebrity. Being able to send their friends, family and colleagues to a video where they were interviewed as the expert will make your client feel a little like a star.

If they aren't deathly afraid of being on camera (and some people are), most of your clients will be delighted to be interviewed about their knowledge of the industry they serve. There are relatively few mediums that shine the spotlight on the oil and gas industry. As you build your audience over time, your followers will start to view your content in the same light as some of the bigger names in your sector.

They get to be helpful. 

Most of the people I have worked with in the oilfield want to be helpful. It's not uncommon to see rig hands work over after a 12 hour tour to get the job done. That attitude and willingness to help permeates every part of the oilfield.

If you ask for help, you're sure to get a willingness that goes above and beyond what you expected.

To add a word of warning to this advice: DON'T BE NEEDY. You should always be adding value to your customers and prospects, so don't take advantage of the customers you have who are willing to help you.

Don't  get stuck on the idea that you or your team have to create every piece of content you publish. There are a lot of creative ways to generate valuable and easy marketing content for your target audience.

Think creatively and ask for help. This is a friendly industry that wants everyone to succeed.


*Speaking of free help, if you want a free digital marketing evaluation of your business website, fill out the form on our home page by clicking here.

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